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Member profile: Kim Carroll

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


When did you start orienteering?
 2006 when I moved to WA.  I grew up in Ballarat but amazingly, despite having a teacher who was into orienteering, I never really knew about it until I moved to Perth.  I started rogaining first, when I was at Uni.
Who/what inspired you to start?
 Gary.  It was a big part of his life in WA so I just joined in.  
What do  you do when not orienteering ?
 Look after our young son Sean.  Sew, try and grow vegies, travel.
What is ONE thing you like about orienteering ?
 The chance to make friends of all ages, and then see interstate friends at national events.
A piece of advice for newcomers to the sport?
 Don't run faster than you can navigate.
Highlight/lowlight of your O career?
 Winning Australian titles for my age class.  Lowlight - running off the map entirely!
Favourite/most unusual/most scenic place you have orienteered?
 Peterdine - a lovely WA map - open rocky area, always sunny and warm.



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