Welcome to Australopers!

Orienteering is one of the greatest kept secrets in the world today.  No other activity combines fitness, skill, social interaction and just the joy of being out in the bush – and new bush every weekend! – as Orienteering.

We are a long way from the epicentre of orienteering in Europe and more specifically Scandinavia.  Nonetheless here in Tasmania we have a wonderful climate for orienteering and some fantastic terrain.  Australopers is the largest club in Tasmania and one of the most successful in Australia.  At the 2012 Easter competition in Queensland we were only a point or so away from taking the national club prize – against 30 or so mainland clubs and beaten only by a local Queensland club.  And amongst our members is Australia’s top ranked elite, and 6 times World Championships competitor, Grace Crane.

Notwithstanding our good results, Australopers has always prided itself on being a club which values the fun and social side of orienteering.  We have always seen ourselves as being a family orientated club which looks after our members and ensures newcomers are welcomed.

It is a pleasure to be associated with such a great club and a great bunch of people.

Bert Elson,
President, Australopers Orienteering Club

If you are new and would like some help, advice or coaching please contact Sally at   australopers@tasorienteering.asn.au